50 Rare Creatures That Are Almost Too Weird to Actually Exist

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Our planet Earth is an incredible place and there are so many different living creatures around us. Some of them are so weird that it’s hard to believe mother nature created something like that. And some are so rare that your chances of seeing them are next to nothing.

At Dimplify, we love nature and believe that the world along with its unique living creatures is astounding. We’ve selected 50 examples of species most of us have never even heard of. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article since it may be the coolest part!


6. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Despite their very delicate size, these little creatures have very powerful claws that make them exceptionally good diggers. Their shell looks pink because the blood vessels in the shell are so close to the surface.

The tube-like nostrils are the reason for this bat’s name. It likes to eat fruit and these unique nostrils allow it to breathe while it pushes its face into the fruit to suck the juice.

6. Pink fairy armadillo

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