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We live in a digital age where it is very easy to question and even dismiss many images that we come across because you never know if it is real or it is the result of clever work of computer manipulation or Photoshop. The good news is that there are still many amazing photos out there that are authentic works of nature and awe-inspiring creativity of man.

Over time, nature has given us some of the most lasting and profound images captured in photographs or painted by artists the world over. Additionally, artists and creators have also conceptualised and produced some stunning works of art that have left many questioning whether they are real or fakes. Usually, it could be the optical illusions of a piece of work, a profoundly captivating sculpture or the realness of an artwork that it is difficult to imagine.

More fascinating are the photos you can come across when man cooperates with the environment and nature to realise great images. Dimplify has compiled these 22 Fascinating images that look Photoshopped but are 100% Real

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