22 Crazy stuff that happens only in China

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"We would never do that!" - that's the thought on every tourist's mind whenever they tour China. China's main tourist attraction is its people, their traditions, rules and more so, some of their ridiculous acts. We'll highlight some of the interesting and shocking stuff that you'll only see people in China do. 

GIGGAG has collected some 22 fascinating and ridiculous habits that Chinese nationals do and tried to unravel them.   

22. Chinese Are Ever Busy People And Get Very Tired. They Usually Fall Asleep At Any Time And In Any Place

If you ever go to China, expect to get that long-lasting experience of touring another planet. If you wish to visit the country and get this experience first hand, just say it in the comments below.

Photo credit Preview pikabu, info-space.club

22. Chinese are ever busy people and get very tired. They usually fall asleep at any time and in any place

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