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Since we entered the era of smartphones batteries are making life of most people miserable, I think it is safe to say every single one of us is fighting this losing battle. They last 1-2 days max (if and you need to constantly have a charger nearby or else you'll be without a phone. Here are some very useful tips how to help your phone last a bit longer and don’t be left out in complicated situations.

Turn Off Vibrate

Turn off vibrate
It might be useful sometimes, but it really is a battery killer, so be wise about it.

Get A Wireless Charger

Get a wireless charger
This will not prevent your battery from burning, but it will recharge it again easily, if needed.

Disable Wi-Fi

Disable Wi-Fi
It is really simple - when you're not using it, just disable it.

Disable GPS

Disable GPS
Great thing, but while you are not using it, it is secretly torturing your battery.

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