Quokkas Are Now In Selfie Competition With Humans (29 Submissions So Far)Translate

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The only member of the genus Setonix, Quokka, is a plant-eating mammal of Australasian family, about the size of a domestic cat. It is considered as the happiest critter, as seen in many photos around the web. Human presence has been adapted in the environment by fearless, appealing and inquisitive quokkas, in admirable fashion.Why are they smiling? Consider a dopey grin face of great white shark. Clive Wynne says about quokka’s Mona Lisa smile; “It is an accident of evolution”.The natives and tourists of Australia find it the most interesting activity, to get a selfie with this happy-go-lucky creature. Let’s have a look!
  • Well, It's more of man's selfie than quokka's!
  • Quokka might be thinking,"Another selfie! bored of it, I can't smile anymore".
  • Here Quokka wants to get inside of camera.
  • In this selfie, quokka focuses more on his own face.
  • WHAT!!! A selfie with shoes! How insulting!
  • Oh girl! Where is your face? Please come in front of camera.
  • Yayyyy! people are so happy with me
  • "Let's hang our tongues out to make it an outstanding selfie ;)", says the girl.
  • May be the bright Sun also wants to participate in this selfie competition.
  • That's like a good wide smile. Good job quokka!!!
  • Quokka seem to be a bit reserved with man! I wonder why???
  • So many people and one quokka! poor critter!
  • The creature also pose well here, to look as cool as the guy with him.
  • Humans are lying on ground in quokka's respect.
  • Quokka says, "Hi ladies!! ;)".
  • A sexy lady with a happy quokka.
  • The most noticeable thing in this picture is "Man's Glasses"
  • The wide smile by lady shows that she must have said to quokka, "Say Cheese!!!".
  • Why this man is opening his mouth so wide?
  • This man must have requested quokka to come out of its home for a selfie.
  • That man was so busy to set his hair, and the girl cannot be recognized as she came only half in this pic.
  • "Where's my helmet!", thinks quokka.
  • Thanks to the selfie stick otherwise this selfie would have taken by quokka itself.
  • Nice background always gives the image a perfect look.
  • She is eating it alone. Too bad!
  • The girl must have given a crunchy pop to come for selfie with her.
  • Quokka all over the image. Thumbs up by man.
  • A couple so happy and cheerful to be with quokka.
  • Quokka wants to know, "All are happy with me to take a selfie. Why this man is crying??!!"
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Yeaayyyy... Smiling Quokkas everywhere... we should learn from nature :)
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