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Meet Guo Shijun, a young college student from China. Most kids his age would be living their college lives to the fullest, taking in every experience that comes with being a 20-something. But for Shijun things turned out differently. A lot. Despite the struggles he had to face as a child Shijun was somehow able to stay on track with his education. There was never really any money, and from a young age Shijun was forced to look after his mother after her brain had been permanently damaged by meningitis. All that didn't stop the young man from chasing his personal dream: getting the best education possible.

He got into one of the top universities in the country. But not before life would deal him another cruel card: his father, a construction worker, got seriously injured from a fall and was left paralyzed from the waist down. Having two parents who both require full-time care on top of a demanding college career is practically unbearable. But miraculously enough, Shijun is still in school and doing well. And neither his dad or his mom has been shipped off to an anonymous nursing home, but are looked after by their own family.

 Shijun got his father to live with him in his room on campus. His mom is being looked after with his grandparents. Times are still far from easy, but these people are fighting through them together while keeping hope that the future will be brighter. A first sign of prosperity is the fact that Shijun has received a scholarship to continue to chase his dreams. It is a beautiful example of unconditional, unselfish love combined with amazing resilience of a kid who refuses to compromise.

Shijun managed to get special permission to have his father stay with him in his room.

This family stayed together and took up the responsibility of caring for two disabled parents.

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