These Birds Have Been Turned Into Art. And It's All In The Details.Translate

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The Italian-born Dusciana Bravura has made quite a name for herself as a prominent mosaic artist. She is not only a creator, but has also taught other aspiring artists how to find their way in the world of tiny pieces being put together.Take a close look at these birds, all made by Bravura herself. You cannot help but admire the astonishing amount of details that can be seen in each one of these creatures. Just like their real life counterparts, they are equipped with complex patterns and superb coloring.The creations are very lifelike, yet at the same time they are slightly disconnected from reality. The offset can be found in their eyes, a gesture or a pose. There remains something mysterious, almost mythical in these birds. And as you get pulled in with a sense of wonder and move closer, a whole new world of brilliantly constructed mosaic opens up in front of your eyes.For more information about Bravura and her amazing work, be sure to visit

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