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An interactive art museum located in suburban Quezon City north of Manila, in Philippines, would be useless without a camera, whereas photography in many museums around the world is strictly prohibited. This one in particular not only allow touching of exhibits and photography, they encourage it. The biggest interactive 3D art museum in Philippines has over 200 paintings. It offers its visitors to be a part of the paintings and take pictures. The paintings are made in such a way that they are incomplete without visitor’s participation.A visitor said,” I brought my kids here thinking that they'll enjoy having their photos taken in 3D, but I was blown away because I enjoyed it too. The drawings are very realistic, especially if you take pictures from a certain angle. It helps that there are instructions/guides behind the drawing on how you can take photos”.South Korean native and Art in Island CEO, Yun Jae Kyoung, told local media that their decision to open a 3D art museum in Manila was to acknowledge Filipinos’ love affair with taking selfies and sharing them with people they care about on social media.After looking at these pictures, you will certainly have a desire to visit this museum along with your friends and family.

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