Who Needs A Tombstone When You Can Grow Into A Tree?Translate

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This article is about an idea which makes the most painful and unpleasant of subjects feel a bit more hopeful. If you can stomach the thought, I invite you to consider for a moment what will happen to your body after you eventually pass away. Unless you choose to be cremated, the conventional practice is to be interred in a casket made from a dead tree, and left to rot under a cold grave marker in a gloomy cemetery. I know this is perhaps not the most delicate way of wording the scenario, but the reality is undeniably bleak. Fortunately, the designers behind the Capsula Mundi project have a somewhat more promising vision for the human body’s future after death. Imagine that instead of a coffin, your remains were placed in an organic burial pod which would give life to a tree. Your tree would be chosen to match your spirit, and it would grow within a welcoming forest of memory. Your family would visit for many generations to picnic under your shade, and your great-great-grandchildren would play on a tire swing that hangs from your branches. To me at least, the idea of such a living monument is far more comforting than an urn or a tombstone. The following photographs will give you a more detailed understanding of the process developed by the Capsula Mundi project.

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