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Every mother has a dream of having a cute and healthy baby. The days she spends with a baby in her womb are not lesser than actually having a baby in her arms. She can feel each and every movement of her baby, her kicks, her fist, her head moving and doing summer saults. But this is the world of happenings, either good or bad.

Some babies can’t make it to come alive into this world. Their mothers have big hearts, they are really- really very strong. Similar is the story I am about to tell you. Kate and David Ogg had a good news of expecting twins. They were as excited as any other parents would be. They had so much of plans for their babies. When Kate went for an ultrasound she was told that she is expecting a girl and a boy. So they decided their names before birth, Jamie and Emily.

Time of their birth finally arrived at the 26th week of Kate’s pregnancy. Jamie and Emily were born two minutes apart on March 25, 2010. The parents were heartbroken when they were told that their son, Jamie could not make it. He stopped breathing and that he had just few moments to live.

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