A Baby Planthopper Performing Gloriously Like A Jet Pack...Must Watch This Amazing Creature!Translate

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Snowflake? Flower? No, they are baby planthopper. You couldn't help but have a little fun with a group of Flatidae planthopper nymphs! Before they become adults, these tiny insects keep themselves safe with stunning hair-like projections made from a waxy substance secreted from their abdomens. The genus Fulgoroidea lives worldwide, and, in its adult form, resembles a grasshopper. When they're still in their nymph phase, however, they sport these firework-like tassel bits from their bums. The tendrils are actually wax produced by a special gland. Depending on the species, the wax strands will take different shapes: some will be fan shaped to help them glide, and some serve to distract predators. The wax is hydrophobic, so it can also serve to protect them from water.

Some species maintain their wax-making glands into adulthood, but others don't. Females of many species, however, produce wax to protect their eggs.

Since they're immature, planthopper nymphs are super tiny, as seen in this comparison to a human fingertip.

This is what an adult planthopper looks like if it hangs onto its wax-making abilities. Unfortunately, planthoppers are often vectors for plant diseases.

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