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Jessica Brett of England recently underwent a new surgical procedure which may well have saved her life. Jessica was born with a mole covering half of her scalp which was likely to develop into untreatable skin cancer if not removed. Due to the size of the mole, Jessica would have been left with a large bald patch if it had been removed by conventional means, but thankfully her doctors found a way to treat her using a more unusual method.Balloons were placed under Jessica's scalp and inflated with saline solution over the course of six months in order to slowly stretch her skin. This allowed doctors to remove the mole from Jessica's scalp and use the stretched-out skin around it to cover the affected area. Jessica was unbelievably brave while undergoing this treatment; she didn't let it get her down and now she is doing better than ever. As a funny side note, during the treatment it looked as though Jessica was wearing her hair in buns, and apparently people would often compliment her hairstyle!Scroll on to see some pictures of Jessica during and after the treatment.

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