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The photos below reveal interesting scenes of parents trying to help their children cheat on an exam. The desperate parents tried to assist their 10th grade students by climbing on the school building walls and handing them cheat sheets. That happened in a village located in Hajipur district. That act shows how large-scale the practice of cheating on exams in Bihar - a state in East India has become.

That state in India is characterized with the most varied history. Once it was a center of knowledge and culture, today it is a center of violence and backwardness, crime and lack of education. The literacy rate in the state of Bihar was 63 % in 2011, which was considered an improvement compared to the 47 % in 2001. The examination centres today have tight security, but even so many students succeed in smuggling in textbooks. Currently the exams in the Bihar School Examination Board have started and will go on until 24th March.

Since these exams started the local newspapers published many photos of parents that try to help their kids, even risking their own lives. According to the BBC report, on some photos of these photos could be seen cops that stand outside and even accept bribes in order to look the other way. Once the scandal broke out, the State Education Minister P.K. Shahi admitted that he knows about the malpractices in Board examinations and find stopping them a huge task. He said that nothing can be done by the government in case the parents and the relatives are not willing to cooperate.

Currently these parents and relatives are throwing stones at the authorities; bribe the teachers and the policemen guarding the building. Some of the parents were detained for a short period of time, however they were soon released. The number of the students that were caught cheating reached 400. These students will most probably be barred from taking the examination in the next three years or could be asked to pay a fine. Yet, such punishment is rarely reported in Bihar.

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