Phenomenal Wire Sculptures By Richard Stainthorp Are Here To Enthrall You!Translate

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Wire is an extraordinarily capable sculptural material - it can at once represent the airy weightlessness of a strand of hair or the taught power of a rigid muscle or rope. It's no surprise, then, that so many sculptors find it to be indispensable for their work.UK based Artist and Sculptor Richard Stainthorp use it as their main material for their incredible sculptures which are perfect examples of just how widely applicable this material is.These elegant and fluid wire sculptures by Richard Stainthorp, seem like dancers or woodland spirits captured in mid-stride.

Richard has focused on the naked female form since beginning to make wire sculptures in 1996. The original goal was to use a one-dimensional line, or lines to produce three dimensional works of art that would follow the curves of the female body from all angles. Although he is close to mastering this skill, he continues to perfect and develop new techniques to make this happen.

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