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Who would’ve thought the immaculate (waffle), that wonder of all breakfast foods would hold such an esteemed position in the world…of food. No other food that is known to man…or woman has such a rich history and an even richer cache of varieties. Depending on where you hail from, waffles can take on different sizes, shapes and tastes. Largely a European dish, waffles come with different flavors with respect to the different regions of Europe. Belgium, by itself boasts over 12 different varieties! The English version of the word “waffle” that we know and use today was established in 1725, replacing its Dutch predecessor, “wafel.” The word is actually the derivative of the French root word “wafla” which stood for “honeycomb” or “cake.” It seems that its root word still holds true to this day as the common image of a waffle has the pattern of a honeycomb and is baked between two hot irons into a gastrointestinal delight. The waffle is such a special fare that it holds two days out of the year to celebrate its crispy, buttery, syrupy greatness; (March 25) International Waffle Day in Sweden and (August 28) National Waffle Day here in the good old U.S of A!I bet you’re wondering “where in the world I can go to get a waffle that is out of this world or perhaps just a repeat of the usual?” Yelp, the online specialist in (waffle) location detection, has served up some of the best places in the U.S. to find the best waffles around with many mouth-watering variations. Look out, y’all…food porn ahead!

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