Your Keyboard Is Dirtier Than A Toilet! Here's How To Clean It Properly.Translate

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It turns out that your computer keyboard could put a host of potentially harmful bacteria -- including E. coli and staph -- quite literally at your fingertips.Sure, it may sound like a hypochondriac's excuse to stay away from the office. But a growing body of research suggests that computer mice and keyboards are, in fact, prime real estate for germs.It's a phenomenon most recently illustrated by tests at a typical office environment in the United Kingdom. A consumer advocacy group commissioned the tests in which British microbiologist James Francis took a swab to 33 keyboards, a toilet seat and a toilet door handle at the publication's London office in January.Francis then tested the swabs to see what nasty germs he managed to pick up. He found that four of the keyboards tested were potential health hazards -- and one had levels of germs five times higher than that found on the toilet seat.

Start Off By Removing Each Key With A Butter Knife.

Start off by removing each key with a butter knife.
Be very gentle when you pry each one off. On some keyboards, larger keys like the space bar cannot be removed, so don't use excessive force to try to pop them off. You don't want to end up with a dirty and broken keyboard!

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