Workers Covered Their Office Walls Into Superhero Murals Using Post-it Notes.繁體中文Translate

4 year ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment
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A creative work is in front of us by Ben Brucker, who was bored of his plain office walls, decided to create super hero murals on the walls by using leftovers of post-it notes. He used around 8024 post-it notes.The team behind the madness works in an office in San Francisco, and they took this project very seriously (as well they should). Not only did they film the entire undertaking, but they took meticulous care with Post-It note placement, even printing out templates that they could refer to during assembly. He explains that post-its were used because the agency would be moving to another office in a few months anyway, so they needed a design that was 100% non-permanent.

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