12 Things A Man Finds Unattractive In A Woman...But Not In Himself?Translate

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Surprisingly, in today's world, it may be difficult for anyone to still find that for a (woman), being obtrusive, in certain ways, would still be considered "un-ladylike." The old double-standard is still in effect and it's not so much that the behaviors are so bad, it's just that, publicly, a woman's behavior would reflect well or poorly upon her male companion...as if he had anything to do with the woman being who she is in the first place--go figure! Often, questionable behavior is excused simply because the people doing the bad stuff are male. Let's face it, guys do the same stuff and it's usually worse and more often than women do it. Would it become any less shameful or unattractive, then? Let's take a look at how the old (double-standard) gets put to work in these situations and separate the sheep from the goats...

1) The "Know It All"

1) The "Know it All"
Going around projecting the attitude that you know everything is considered by most guys to be highly unattractive...largely, because YOU DO! But, in many cases, he just deals with it, privately, when it's between you and him. Publicly, it's embarrassing and he's trying to protect HIS appearance to others, especially if you are HIS companion.

4) A Negative Attitude

4) A Negative Attitude
True enough, a negative attitude can spiral a situation into a bad direction. But, let's face it, many negative dispositions occur as a direct result of what most laymen describe as sheer INTELLECT! Again, ladies, just don't let your light shine to brightly in public. (Like she really gives a rip, anyway!)

5) Jealousy

5) Jealousy
Nope! Total waste of emotional and personal energy. Especially, when you consider what kind of a cheating dirt bag the other woman is pining for when she intrudes upon your union. Trust your instincts...a woman KNOWS. So, most of the time, if you think your man is up to no good, you are usually correct in your assumptions. Heck, give yourself a break and let the other gal hold in all of her natural humaness so HE can look good in public!

7) The Name-Dropper

7) The Name-Dropper
It seems that the only way a dude would find this behavior unattractive in his companion is if he's the one NOT doing it. This correlates with the know-it-all who may or may not be a bad drunk. Any way you slice it, again, it all boils down to appearances. When you exhibit that you know more than he does, it sticks in his craw.

8) Complaining About Your Man "Not Listening" To You

8) Complaining about Your Man "Not Listening" to You
Well, from most people's understanding, listening is part of a well-functioning communicative process between 2 or more persons. I have to err on the side of reason and say that if a person ignores you, they probably have lost some level of interest in you, if not fully. I'm not buying the Mars vs. Venus argument, in this case. When I'm bored with a person and possess little or no interest in them, their words, no matter what they are saying, fall upon deaf ears. 'Nuff said.

10) Bad Breath

10) Bad Breath
It seems odd that men would complain about this as if it is a common occurrence with women. On the contrary, how often do women have to endure, not only the bad breath, but accompanying body odor, to match. Inject into the mix the confident sense of entitlement that comes along with this stunning, male "meatcake" package and...VOILA! A word of advice, ladies, garlic is good for the heart. Eat tons of it.

11) Needy Women

11) Needy Women
This one seems a bit strange. Most of the women I know seek some autonomy and independence in their relationships because, let's face it, if your partner wasn't there, could you stand on your own? If a man could, he'd probably let his mother change his diapers, wash his clothes and feed him until he's 35. Moving on...

12) Closed-Minded And Unambitious

12) Closed-Minded and Unambitious
As for me, most of the red-blooded, American women I know, personally, don't fit this mold at all. I know I work hard and I expect the same in return, so I would naturally gravitate away from such a gal. However, this canalso serve as a dude's slick way of NOT having to shoulder any unwanted burden because if it is more convenient to him to keep you at home with the children, he would make the adjustment or he would simply disappear.
In closing, a woman should wear the "lady" costume when it's convenient for her to do so. A real woman KNOWS she possesses personal and spiritual freedom and will not hesitate to simply "BE." Does this excuse bad behavior? Absolutely not. However, being a natural, regular human being is not a "bad" thing for a woman. So belch, fart, snore and be the loud, obnoxious, know-it-all, name-dropper that you are...with no apology. If a (man) truly loves and accepts you, he won't do what's expedient or convenient, he will do what's right...and that's my two cents.

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Yeah, at my age, any guy who wants to be in my world will HAVE to put up with the farting, snoring know-it-all I actually am! That's me and I'm sticking to it! Fun article!
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