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Google have got into the swing of April Fools day already by introducing their Google map application in the style of Pac Man for a limited time only.Go to Google Maps. Right now. Stop what you are doing and open a new tab. You do this for yourself. Once you get to an overhead view, you'll see a Pac-Man button. You will want to click that Pac-Man button in the bottom-left. Because if you do, then this will happen.

Here’s the rules how to play:1. Go to Google Maps in a web browser on your computer or open the app on iOS or Android2. Then click the Pac-Man button in the bottom left corner3. Watch your screen turn into the classic arcade game also featuring the iconic music4. Hit the up, down, left and right arrows to collect the fruit and avoid the ghosts5. Click on “Return to Google Maps” to go back to your actual location at any time

Remember, the google pac-man only available for some locations, open google map and search for the following locations:Level 1: Sagrada Família, BarcelonaLevel 2: Times Square, New York CityLevel 3: Arc de Triomphe, ParisLevel 4: Googleplex, CaliforniaLevel 5: Taj Mahal, Uttar PradeshLevel 6: Forbidden City, BeijingLevel 7: VeniceLevel 8: Grand Bazaar, IstanbulLevel 9: Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham

I know. I know. Google has done it again with yet another Google Maps game, just in time for April Fools' Day. All you have to do (if you haven't spent the last 20 minutes of your life doing it) is go to any location with a sufficient amount of streetage and you're good to go. You can wakka-wakka your way around Manhattan or commit treason by eating Secret Service agents on the White House lawn.

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