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Seth Casteel is a photographer primarly specialized in taking underwater pictures of puppies and dogs. But this time he approached another fun and lovely underwater theme, namely babies. He made around 10'000 shots of more than 750 babies for his album, which is available on Amazon.For those of you who may be concerned about the babies taking part in this: Don’t worry, they were not harmed. It’s quite the opposite actually. The purpose of the photo series is to bring attention to the fact that one of the leading causes of death of children aged 1 – 4 is unintentional drowning. The babies that appear in Casteels pictures are part of a program created to get supervised infants accustomed to water and to encourage instinctive self-rescue techniques that can help them survive in a real situation. They are taught how to hold their breath, to kick with their feet and also how to turn and to float on their backs.You can see their curiosity in the pictures while their experiencing their first swimming lessons which makes them even cuter. Enjoy!

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