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Sometimes life is rough for all those fish at the pet store. Sitting on the shelf in small containers alongside not-so-nice companions, there's little sympathy thrown their way. It's a common tragedy, and one that's easily avoidable.There are few things as heartwarming as a great before-and-after adoption story. And dogs and cats aren't the only animals that can benefit from a bit of love, as the dramatic transformation of this little fish shows.Reddit user Astilaroth found the near-dead betta fish at a pet store, lying listless at the bottom of a tank. She said she offered to take the fish for free because she didn't want to "reward" the pet store for keeping the fish in such bad conditions.

Fish Got A Chance To Live Once Again!

Fish got a chance to live once again!
When he saw this Betta fish near the brink of death, he offered to take it off the store's hands for free. (He definitely didn't want to reward them for their terrible treatment.)

Unfortunately, he really was in poor shape. Kept in an uncovered community tank, his vulnerable fins were constantly nipped at by others until there wasn't much left.

To start the life-saving process, he put the Betta in a small tank for 2 weeks. He outfitted it with a heater, 6 grams of salt, and eSHa2000 (a maintenance medication for fish). He also changed the water almost every day.

These treatments caused all of the rotten parts to fall off, leaving him in truly bad shape. It even got to the point where the owner debated finding a humane way to end the fish's life.

He hadn't eaten anything in over a week, no matter what type of food was left in the tank. Things weren't looking good. One day he suddenly perked up and started eating. The fish was then moved into a larger tank with more space to swim, and even some little plants at the bottom if he needed a hideaway.

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