Disabled Classmate Carried By His Friend To School Every Day For 3 YearsTranslate

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Xie Xu, aged 18, has been carrying his disabled classmate to school on his back each single day for the last 3 years. The friend Zhang Chi, who is 19, suffers from muscular dystrophy, which results in progressive skeletal muscle weakness and shortened lifespan. However, soon the two friends will need to separate as they will go to different colleges.Currently, the dedicated friend Xie makes at least a dozen daily trips with his friend, and that happens two hundred days per year. He also brings Zhang his meal every day. The story gets even more exciting, as Xie Xu and Zhang Chi are the top students in their class.The vice headmaster of Daxu High School stated that Xie has positive influence on the other students, who readily help Zhang as well. With their assistance, the disabled boy has never missed out on one single class. According to the US human rights report on China, 243 000 children with disabilities do not attend school.

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