Couple Builds A Floating Island For 20 Years To Live Off The GridTranslate

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A Floating Island – that is what a couple has been building for the last 20 years. The island is floating on the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia. The construction of the floating dream home started in 1992, when Wayne Adams, aged 66, and Catherine King, aged 59, laid the foundation. Ever since they have been growing and fishing for their own food ever since.Their home, named “Freedom Cove” consists of 12 floating platforms that comprise of a guest lighthouse, a studio, a dance floor, an art gallery, and 5 greenhouses. The settlement comes with half an acre of land for growing edible crops. Water is available from the nearby waterfall during the summer and from the rainwater during the winter. The floating home is powered with a generator.When Wayne Adams and Catherine King are not working on their sustainable lifestyle, they keep busy, welcoming visitors from the nearby Tofino during the summer. Adams is also a carver, while King is a painter, dancer, writer and musician.

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