Would You Buy A T-Shirt For Only 2 Euros From This Vending Machine?Translate

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Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organization, decided to run a social experiment using a vending machine in a public square. This experiment challenged people to think about how they shop for clothing by offering t-shirts for only 2 Euro (roughly $2.19). The catch was they had to watch a video first. That seems simple enough, right? The video featured laborers exploited in a sweatshop to make the cheap clothing.The video was released on Fashion Revolution Day, April 24th. This is the day that the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013, killing more than 1000 workers who were making garments for American brands. The workers who often work in these unsafe conditions are underage, mostly underpaid and overworked. Fashion Revolution wants people to consider how their clothes are made and under what conditions before buying them.

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