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On a highway in Turkey, a puppy and her friend were playing, as puppies do. As young ones will do, their play led them into an area where they should not be - namely in the middle of the highway. Tragedy struck, with one of the puppies being hit by a car and injured. She fell in the middle of the street, unable to move and let at the mercy of more oncoming traffic.But her friend refused to leave her side. Pictures taken at the scene show the other puppy remaining steadfastly at the side of the injured one.

Rendering What Aid He Can

Rendering what aid he can
This puppy stayed with his friend, stroking her and licking her face to encourage her to hold on. He refused to leave her to her fate in the middle of the highway.

Help Comes At Last!

Help comes at last!
A Good Samaritan finally stops to help the injured animal. She gently lifts the puppy into her arms.

Severely Injured.

Severely injured.
The little puppy is limp and bleeding from her mouth. But she is still alive, so there is still hope.

A Small But Precious Life.

A small but precious life.
This wonderfully kind lady took the injured puppy to a local veterinarian, where she was treated and recovered.

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