The Splendid "Wet Folding Origami" Having Smooth Curves In Sculptures By Vietnamese ArtistTranslate

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Art of paper folding is famous in Japan. But with the advancement in arts, latest techniques has been discovered. One of them is discovered by a Vietnam-based origami artist, Hoang Tien Quyet, who made his name in the world of art by using a special technique in origami called 'Wet folding'.Instead of following traditional sharp geometric style art, he preferred to make delicate models of animals by damping the paper and skillfully folding it into his envisioned models with smooth curves.Hoang was born in 1988 and since his childhood he was amazed by how a flat sheet of paper could transform in 3D models of toys. He says, "I kept folding alone for a long time, till I found Vietnam Origami Group forum where I met many friends who shared the same passion for origami, and was inspired to create my own models. From Giang Dinh, I also learned about wet-folding, which really changed my approach to origami, and helped me discover my own style."Check out his amazing work down here at dimplify.

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