A Little Cute Kitten Born With Eyebrow Marks Permanently Looks Concerned!Translate

3 year ago · Madiha Waqas · 0 Comment
Categories: Animals · Cute · Humour     Tags: Kitten · Eye-brow · Concerned · Cute · Cat
It is common to say "As playful as kitten", however it is understood that kittens are always cute. They are innocent and almost everyone loves to be around kittens. This is a story of the cutest kitten i've ever seen, Gary, named after Take That member "Gary Barlow", to compare the feeling of a singer when touching on high nodes.Gary lives in Manchester, England, and was born premature with two black dots on its forehead, which turned into eyebrow marks when grew up. This makes it look like concerned and may be worried for almost everything around it.

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