Costa Rica Village Covered As 8 Million Flower Petals Rain DownTranslate

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Imagine waking up to find your village buried under millions of brightly colored flower petals. That's what happened in a small village in Costa Rica. SONY was there to film an advertisement campaign for the release of their new 4K Ultra HD line of TVs. It made for an extraordinary, dreamlike sight.These millions of flower petals were all real petals, not plastic or fabric replicas. The people living in the village worked with the special effects team for more than two weeks to collect all of the 8 million gorgeous flower petals used in the stunt. They ended up with a huge 3.5 tons of flower petals!The British team in charge of setting up this stunt brought different types of wind machines to spread the petals around. Use of these machines resulted in the amazing images displayed here. Some special visual effects were added, but Jaron Albertin, the advertisement's director, insisted that as much of the video as possible rely on the natural winds to get the effects he wanted. A look at the behind-the-scenes Sony video confirms that all of the petals were real or were made of biodegradable materials. The McCann advertising agency commissioned the video and photographer Nick Meek documented the entire event.The number of petals used - 8 million - was not just a random number. The video used that number of flowers because that's the number of pixels found on the 4K TV's screen. The video is designed to highlight the ultra-high-definition screen's crisp display and vibrant color capabilities.

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