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In a stunning report released at the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week, Russia states it is poised to pressure President Obama that the "time has come" to reveal the truth about aliens to the world. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) report, Russia warns that if the U.S. refuses to participate in the announcement, the Kremlin is prepared to do it alone. The release of this statement confirms what many have been investigating for years: governments are lying to citizens about knowledge of extraterrestrial life. According to the report, the Russians are set to demand a sharing of the "truth about aliens" details with the world. The WEF is a non-profit foundation that operates out of Cologny, Geneva. It describes itself as an independent international organization whose purpose is to improve worldwide relations between nations and peoples through engaging business, political, academic and societal leaders in a way that influences global, regional and industrial goals for the future.The WEF holds an extravagant meeting each year in Davos, a mountain resort in Graubünden in Switzerland's eastern Alps region. It has been criticized for running an elitist agenda that caters to the rich and powerful, people who are often obscured from the public eye. Each meeting is said to include about 2500 of these elitists, from business leaders to international political leaders, and select intellectuals and journalists. The agenda of the meeting is billed as an open discussion of the current troubles in the world, including health and environmental issues, and how the future will be impacted.

The 2013 WEF convention addressed the "discovery of alien life", saying that, "Proof of life elsewhere in the universe could have profound psychological implications for human belief systems." Comments made off-mike by Russian Prime Minister Medvedev concerning the matter have been dismissed as a joke because the Prime Minister referenced a movie starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones called "Men in Black." However, there is a Russian documentary with the same name that details anomalies and other alien conspiracy theories.

In November of 2009, the Vatican announced its preparation for "extraterrestrial disclosure." This announcement from the traditionally formal Vatican was basically ignored in the Western media. Medvedev's remarks were treated in a condescending manner, with reports titled in a flippant manner: "Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev makes a crack about aliens, and conspiracy theorists promptly lose their minds."Former U.S. Pentagon consultant Timothy Good, author of "Above Top Secret: The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-up", reported in February 2012 that former President Dwight Eisenhower secretly met with aliens that he described as "Nordic". The outcome of three of these meetings was supposedly the signing of a pact that required these "Nordics" keep their agenda toward the Earth secret.The world will have to wait and see if Russia can convince the Obama administration to release any UFO information it is holding. If so, there is the potential for a huge impact on our current understanding of history, the future, and the human place in the universe.

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