Little Boy’s Life Saved By A Turban, Religious Protocol BrokenTranslate

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The common humanity that we have can transcend even the most powerful beliefs that we have. That happen with Harmn Singth, a 22-year old student, who saw an accident that happen in front of his house in Takanini, South Auckland. The accident happened to a small boy on his way to school. The boy was with his sister when he was struck by a vehicle. When Singth saw the little boy bleeding on the pavement, he knew he had to do something in order to help him. That is why he broke the religious protocol and removed his turban to pace it under the head of the injured boy.Coming from India, Singth is taking a business course in Auckland. He is also a strict follower of Sikhism, according to which religion the followers are not allowed to cut their hair and need to cover their heads all the time to show respect to their gurus. Singth accepts the turban is a symbol of integrity and discipline, of spirituality and humanity. He also knows that the turban can only be removed when washing and bathing.In spite of all these restrictions, Singth removed his turban in order to help the bleeding child and ever since he has been accepted as a hero. After the incident, Singth confessed that he was not thinking about the turban, but just thought that the kid need something on his head as he was bleeding. After the incident Singh had been flooded with messages of support and even being thankful he says that anyone eels would have done the same.We all know that the religious differences are a cause of conflict in many parts of the world. Yet, in that case the faith of one man helped to save the life of another man.

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