This Huge Toad Is Eating The Neighborhood PetsTranslate

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Check out this monster toad, which was caught eating neighborhood pets in New Mexico. The fact was revealed after several dogs and cats went missing. At first people thought that the coyotes and the mountain lions were to be blamed for killing the pets. However, soon the residents of Rodeo, New Mexico found out that their beloved pets were attacked by… a huge toad. It seems that at least 15 pets became victims to that Sonoran Desert Toad.Usually, the Sonoran Desert Toad can get as big as 1.5 pounds and are recognized as the largest toads in North America. The toad that was caught eating the neighborhood pets is bigger. In fact, it is 57 pounds which is 50 pounds over the average size! How did this toad became so huge is a mystery even for the scientists.

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