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Yes, there is an extra shoelace hole at the top of the shoe, but why is that? Most of the hiking and running shoes come with that extra hole, yet people do not use it but usually skip it when threading the lace. Now you get the chance to watch this video and understand the role of the extra hole and how to use it to your advantage.In fact the extra holes can be used to stop the feet from coming forward into the front of the shoe, as well as to prevent the blisters on the heels. As the person ties the laces through the lace lock or the heel lock technique, this creates a friction between the laces at the top of the shoe that is closest to the ankle. This helps in keeping the ankle area tight and in place with no need to tighten the shoe again. This method could be used by people even when they do not have this extra shoelace hole.Follow that to make a lace lock: insert the lace in backwards using the top hole and make a small loo on each side of the shoe. Then, cross the laces and insert them into the loop on the opposite side and cinch them down. In case you cinch the laces upwards, this will leave the loop hanging out and that is not ok. When you pull down the ace towards the shoe, you create a nice tight lock that can keep your shoe in place. At the end you can tie your shoe as you normally do.

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