Take A Good Look At This Snake. Is It What It Seems?Translate

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When it comes to the survival of the fittest in nature, sometimes a good offense is the best disguise. None are better at it than this little critter. What do you see when you look at it? Are you sure it is what it seems?

A Native Of Trinidad

A native of Trinidad
This odd little critter has a distinctive appearance while it is in the pupal stage. It disguises itself as a fearful predator to protect its cocoon from predators.

13 Days In Disguise

13 days in disguise
The caterpillar goes through the amazing change into a butterfly while securely parading itself as a deadly killer.

Always Aware

Always aware
While in the cocoon, the pupa is still aware of the world around it. When danger approaches, it shakes itself back and forth, giving the impression that this "pit viper" is very much alive and dangerous.

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