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We all love the superheroes movies and often talk about our favorite comic book characters, even when we grow up. Yet, there are some real time heroes that we met in our life and we should have eyes to see them. Check these animals and watch the things they can do. They truly deserve their superhero status.

2. The Language Of The Lyrebird.

2. The language of the lyrebird.
Flickr / Ryan Wick    
The male lyrebird can learn up to 20 bird languages, as well as man-made sounds and does that to attract the female lyrebird. It also comes with fancy tail feathers...ohhh, love…

3. Sunglasses For The Meerkats.

3. Sunglasses for the Meerkats.
Flickr / virtualsphere    
The Meerkats have black fur around their eyes which acts by absorbing the sunlight and making thee view to the horizon clear. In this way these animals can ensure that no predators are coming.

4. Brain Power For The Leeches.

4. Brain Power for the Leeches.
Flickr / Tehjaswi    
The Leeches are gifted with 32 brains as they have a brain segment in each part of their body. Good for them!

6. Little Wolverines? No, Just Spiny Mice.

6. Little wolverines? No, just spiny mice.
Wikimedia Commons / Marcel Burkhard    
The spiny mice can detach hunks of their skin in case they are caught in the clutches of a predator. Then they can regrow the tissue they have lost.

12. Little Hands For The Raccoons.

12. Little hands for the Raccoons.
Flickr / R4vi    
The raccoons are bandits and that is a fact. They have little hands which are nimble enough to steal food or even money out of your front pocket.

13. Venom Powerless In Front Of The Opossums.

13. Venom Powerless in front of the Opossums.
Flickr / Mike Keeling    
Opossums cannot be killed by venom and that is why they can eat snakes when they want to. The bodies of the Opossums contain a peptide, which is in position to neutralize the venomous substances.

14. 50 % Sleep For The Dolphins And Whales.

14. 50 % Sleep for the Dolphins and Whales.
Flickr / Jay Ebberly    
The dolphins and the whales never sleep to the 100%. Just half of their brain rests at a certain period of time and thus they can keep an eye on their surroundings.

15. Power Naps For The Ants.

15. Power naps for the Ants.
Flickr / Sancho McCann    
Ants never sleep in the real meaning of this word. Instead, they take many tiny naps throughout the day.
(via The Dodo) All that sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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