Baby Koala Shows Unconditional Love To Its Unconscious MomTranslate

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Lizzy, a mother koala, was hit by a car on the Warrego Highway in Australia. She was suffering from a collapsed lung and a facial trauma and needed a life-saving surgery. During the surgery the mother koala was accompanied by its 6-month old baby Phantom. The baby koala was hugging his unconscious mom during the entire process of surgery and in the period of the recovery. Now the two koalas are recovering from the stress they went through at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.   
Native to Australia, the koalas primarily eat eucalyptus leaves. They are known as asocial animals, which form bonds only between mothers and offspring. The baby koalas, also known as joeys live in the pouches of their mothers for the first six months of their lives. More info: Australia Zoo - Donate - Facebook -

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