A Service Dog Proved To Be A Hero By Saving Its Blind Owner's Life!Translate

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The dog, Figo, a Golden Retriever, was crossing the street with his owner, a blind woman named Audrey Stone, when a school bus came barreling toward the two. When this service dog was on a walk with his owner, he saw a bus coming toward them- and jumped in front of the bus to protect her. Unfortunately, they were both injured, but Figo took the brunt of the blow. Stone suffered a fractured elbow, three broken ribs, a fractured ankle, and a cut to the head. Figo's leg was cut to the bone.
Witnesses at the scene say that Figo refused to leave Stone's side, and even with his injured leg, kept trying to get to Stone and make sure she was alright. Figo underwent surgery at a local veterinary clinic, and Stone is recovering at the hospital. No one on the school bus was injured in the accident. The bus driver said he did not see them crossing the road, and received a summons for not yielding.

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