2 men caught dumping body of family member who died of COVID into a river

2 men from India were caught dumping the body of a family member who caught the coronavirus into a river.

Watch the entire video below:

Sanjay Kumar and Manoy Kumar were arrested by the police after a witness filmed them committing the act.

The incident happened in Kotwali region of Balrampur.

One of the men in the video were caught wearing a protective bodysuit and was standing on a bridge.

They were getting ready to throw their family member into the Rapti River because he died of COVID.

The police identified the dead man as Premnath, however, they did not reveal the relationship of the 2 men with him.

Premnath was admitted to a hospital with the virus on May 25, 2021.

Sadly, they passed away 4 days after undergoing treatment for the virus. 

The incident happened on May 29, 2021, on a rainy day in the city.

Authorities explained that the body of Premnath was given to his family members for cremation.

However, instead of cremating him, the 2 men decided to hurl the body of Premnath into the river and get rid of it.

No further information about the incident was shared with the public.

This comes as around 70 dead bodies of suspected covid victims were found on the Ganges River.

Authorities believe that they are victims of the disease, however, it was not confirmed.

Not only that, but stray animals were also recently seen eating the dead bodies of covid-19 victims in another city in the country/

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