2 people arrested after tying dog to motorcycle and dragging it for 1 km

Mengaluru, India: 2 people, including a minor boy, were arrested by the authorities after they were caught tying a dog on a vehicle and dragging it on the road.

It is believed that the dog was tied to a 2-wheeler and dragged it for more than 1 kilometre in the city.

The cruel act was committed by one of the accused after getting over the dog.

The dog reportedly bit his slipper.

Hariram Shankar, the DCP of law and order, said that the entire incident was caught by a CCTV camera.

The incident happened in the Maryhill area of Mengaluru, India.

A case has been registered under the prevention of cruelty to animals act and Karnataka Epidemic Diseases Act, 2020.

The 2 were found wandering for non-essential purposes. 

An animal care trust received a message from the public saying that the dog was brutally treated.

Authorities said that the dog was in pain and was bleeding when it was rescued. 

Trust volunteers and the staff are currently trying to locate the dog with the help of the local people.

Authorities did not release the CCTV footage of the incident.

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