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24-Year-Old Son Pays Off Father’s Mortgage So He Could Retire Early

A 24-year-old son is currently making headlines all over the internet for doing something not many kids do these days.

The kind son shared a video of himself surprising his father by paying off his mortgage so he could retire early.

Yes, that’s a good child right there.

Jamie Nyland, who is from Gloucestershire, shared a video of himself walking up to his father and breaking down the good news.

Richard, the father was seen breaking down in tears.

In the video, the 24-year-old man threw keys of the house to his father.

He then said:

I’ve just paid off your mortgage. I’ve just rung the bank and paid off every single penny left on your mortgage.

After hearing the good news, Richard asked his son why he did it.

The son then told his father that he had paid off his mortgage.

He continued:

You now own this whole house. I swear. You’ve worked your whole life so now you can actually retire.

Richard then told his son that he is the best son in the world.

He then goes on to hand the keys back to his son while saying that he the house is his too.

He added:

I love you so much. You paid off my mortgage, I’ve put you in my will. You retire me for life so I’ve set you up for life.

What a good act by the son!

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