6-Year-Old Girl Killed By Snake After It Slithered Into The Toilet Of Family Home

A 6-year-old girl from Saudi Arabia died after she was bitten by a snake that had slithered into the toilet of their family home.

The girl has been identified as Tamara Abdul Rahman.

The father of the girl said that she did not see the snake before the attack, which happened inside their house in Ahba, Saudi Arabia.

The girl was rushed to the Asir Central Hospital, in a south-western region of the country, where her condition worsened.

She was moved into the ICU but she died soon after.

Talking about her daughter, the father said:

She was happy to return to in-person learning at school, but what (is there) to say. It is Allah’s wish. The snake was lurking in the bathroom in our house for my daughter, and given the girl’s age, she did not notice that it was in the toilet until she was bitten by it, amid the family’s astonishment as we never expected to see such animals in the toilet, especially as we live in Abha City. She was taken to hospital and was admitted and treated, but fate was not on her side. She died despite receiving medical care after going through difficult health conditions. I believe in Allah and I am satisfied with everything. He writes for us.

In Saudi Arabia, there are many snakes in the desert and mountainous regions and most of them are venomous, however, non-venomous ones are also present.

The venomous snakes in the country mostly belong to the viper family, which includes the viper, the saw-scaled viper, the Persian horned viper, and horned vipers.

If you see a snake inside your house, please do not approach it and make sure you call for professional help right away!

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