7 bears crash high-school pool party

A pool party in Tennessee, USA, was interrupted after a group of bears decided to crash it.

Watch the bears swimming in the swimming pool below:

The 7 bears joined the celebration and went for a swim in the pool that was present in the party.

Michelle Johnson, a party goer, shared a video on YouTube, showing what happened when the bears crashed the party.

It was reported that the Jefferson County High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Crops were partying at the Chalet Village pool in Gatlinburg when the bears decided to crash it.

The bears swam and wandered outside the pool after students ran to safety. 

Michelle said that there were a total of 7 bears that crashed the pool party.

Talking about the bears, Michelle said:

Black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains are beautiful but please be respectful, keep your distance, and don’t feed them.

In a post that was made by the the Chalet Village employees, they said that bears are known to roam around the area freely.

However, it was unusual that they visited the pool in such huge numbers. 

That’s scary to be honest.

What are your thoughts on the bears crashing the party? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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