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9-year-old boy finds $5,000 stashed in family’s new SUV and returns it to real owner

A 9-year-old boy from Indianapolis, USA, found $5,000 while cleaning their family’s new SUV.

The money was found by 9-year-old Landon Melvin. 

The family of Melvin purchased a new Chevy Suburban back in September. 

The money was buried inside.

The car was working find, but they did not clean it properly. 

So when Melvin was cleaning it, they ended up finding $5,000 underneath the floorboard. 

Talking about the incident, the boy said: 

I was cleaning my dad’s car when I looked under the floorboard and I found a package. I told my dad and he said, ‘whatever’.

Michael, the father, said that it is unusual to find money like that.

There was a package full of money under the floorboard.

Talking about the find, he said: 

I was like he’s nine. You found something, OK? ‘No, Dad, I really did.’ I walk over. I think it’s paperwork of some sort.

The thing is, his kid did not find some paper, it was money.

He went on:

I look at [Landon] and run inside. I go upstairs. I start calling my wife, ‘Hey, babe, you got to check this out!’ And that’s when we dump it on the bed and money falls over the bed.

At first, the family thought that they were richer. 

However, they also started to think about the person who actually earned the money. 

The cash belonged to a South Carolina family, who took the vehicle to Florida during a trip.

They had assumed that they had lost the money. 

The Melvins reached out to the family to return the money.

The kind family decided to let the little one keep $1000.

The money is being kept by the mother of Landon. 

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