Alaskan Polar Bear Waves At The Camera Before Coming Close To Inspect What It Was

An adorable polar bear was caught on camera waving at the camera and approaching it to look at what the object was.

The incident happened in the snow at the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve.

The young female appeared to wave in one snap while in another, she was inspecting the camera.

The extremely rare pictures were taken by Philippe Rocrdel, a French wildlife photographer.

They said that the photographer was just around 2 meters away from the bear.

They were holding a pole with the camera at the end.

Ricordel took the pictures at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

Talking about the pictures, he said:

You have to choose carefully which bear you perform this with. These photos were taken from a boat, and when the bear swam up to us I used a camera on the end of a pole to get the close-ups.  This young female was curious and peaceful – but I wouldn’t recommend trying the same thing with a large male. I did have to take the camera away after she opened her mouth wide and was close to crunching it. Polar bears are curious and have no fear of humans, but you do have to be cautious and keep your distance from them.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest wildlife refuge in the United States of America.

It has around 19,286,722 acres of land.

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