Bright Colored Spanish Dancer Is Spotted Off The Coast Of Australia In A Coral Reef

A Spanish dancer was recently spotted off the coast of Australia along a coral reef and it looks amazing!

The dancer, which is officially known as the Hexabranchus sanguineus, was seen with its amazing colors.

The one that got pictured was shown floating in the waters of Coral Bay, which is around 1200 kilometers north of Perth.

It had red and orange hues.

Social media users were left amazed after a picture of the Hexabranchus sanguineus was shared on Facebook.

Such animals are capable of growing up to 90 centimeters.

Talking about the animal, the Atlas of Living Australia said:

The anterior dorsal portion has a pair of retractable rhinophores and the posterior part has six contractile gills inserted independently in the body. The pair of oral tentacles are constituted by a fin flexible membrane provided with large digital lobes. In a normal situation when the animal is crawling, the edges of its mantle are curled upwards creating a peripheral blister. If the animal is disturbed, it unfolds its edges and can swim through contractions and undulations of the body to move away from the disturbing element. Its common name, Spanish dancer, comes from this particular defense.

Such fishes are found around Australia, Hawaii, Japan, and some pasts of Africa.

They are also found throughout some other areas of the Indo-Pacific sea.

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