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Chick-fil-A employee gifts car to co-worker in act of kindness after winning one in party raffle

Some people have good colleagues, but some have colleagues are like family to them.

Haley Bridges, a 17-year-old Chick-fil-A employee, gifted a car to her co-worker in an act of kidness after winning it in a Christmas part raffle.

She knew her friend, Hokule’a Taniguchi, 19, was commuting to work by bicycle during the winter season and after learning that she had won the car, she knew what to do with it.

Instead of keeping it, she decided to give it to her  friend who was dedicated to work.

During an interview with Today Food, Haley said:

I started working at Chick-fil-A in late August. I love working here. Not only are the people that work here amazing, but it has taught me so many new things. I always look forward to going to work, I get to see my second family.

Haley said co-workers should be helping out each other, even if they are not related to the job that they are doing.

Haley and Taniguchi became fast friends in September of last year and they started to hang outside of work all the time.

Talking about Taniguchi, Haley said:

What we do most of the time is chill at whoever’s house we choose. We are very spontaneous, as well as our little close friend group we have.

Thanks to a Christmas party last year, the friendship of the 2 went to the next level.

In the main event of their annual Christmas party, Bridges said that there was a rumour in the workplace that there would be a car as the grand price.

The night of the party, the friends arrived at the Grand Meridian, a banquet hall in Appleton to see if there was a car being raffled out.

They did and the best thing is that the workers had gathered around to discuss it.

The workers said that they will be giving the car to Hoku, a nickname of Taniguchi, if any of them would win the car.

Bridges said:

The car was the only raffle where we couldn’t pool our tickets, one ticket per person. Our friend group and some other friends decided to all put one in for her. We were all very nervous that someone else would get chosen, but we kept our hopes up.

When Bridges heard that she had won the car, she did what she would.

Recalling the moment, she said:

Once my name was called by one of the bosses, Hoku and I looked at each other, this is when she started to cry. I’ve never seen her emotional side much. She is a very happy person and very funny and goofy as well. We looked at each other and I started to cry as well. My heart felt as if it was racing and we both stood up and ran to each other. Everyone in the room felt like they were gone, it felt as if it was just us two in the moment. We hugged each other hard and cried so much. Everyone else was either crying or clapping. We all had a big group hug with everyone near us and it felt so unreal experiencing this. Hoku told me that if anyone else in the group won it for her, it would be amazing but not the same. It’s crazy knowing that I was able to give my best friend a car!

Bridges already has a car and thanks to her aunt, she had completely paid it off!

Talking about her friend, she said:

At the same time she received the car, she got approved to get an apartment which is located closer to Chick-fil-A. It’s crazy seeing her car parked in the parking lot, and I’m glad that she has a reliable ride to work and the grocery store as well!

We have a thing or more to learn from these 2.

Such an amazing friendship, right?

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