COVID-infected woman has 3 of her fingers amputated after they turned black

A woman who had contracted the coronavirus had 3 of her fingers amputated after they turned black, caused by the virus ravaging her blood vessels in her fingers.

Images that were shared with the public showed the woman, who is believed to be 86, having her fingers black.

The incident happened in Italy.

Doctors ended up having to cut off her fingers and called the case in a medical journal as “a severe manifestation” of the coronavirus.

The virus has been found in man patient and it has caused severe damage to blood vessels, which had caused dangerous blockages.

Doctors are not sure what’s causing the blood clots.

The current theory is that it is the result of an immune overreaction that is known as the “cytokine storm”.

The patient in Italy suffered the blood clots, which cut off supply to her fingers.

As a result, they were amputated.

When the immune response goes into overdrive, the body itself can end up damaging the healthy tissue in the body.

When blood vessels are affected, they start to leak, which then causes of blood pressure to drop at a sudden.

This can increase the chances of clots to form, causing a complete or partial cut off blood supply.

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