Deadly cobra causes traffic in India to stop after appearing in the middle of the road

A deadly cobra caused traffic in India to stop after it decided to appear in the middle of the road and chill out there.

The incident happened in Udupi, Karnataka, on Thursday.

The cobra ended up stopping in the middle of the road, which left the local authorities to halt movement for around 30 minutes.

Video of the incident is viral on social media right now, and it shows the moment the snake slithers on the middle of the road.

A policeman was controlling the traffic, which allowed the reptile to move safely.

The traffic police halted vehicles at the busy Kalsanka Junction.

A bunch of locals were seen taking images and videos of the snake.

A video of the incident was shared on social media with the caption:

Movement of vehicles came to an abrupt halt for about 30 mins at the busy Kalsanka Junction in Udupi on Thursday when a cobra suddenly appeared on the road.

The video has been watched by over 25,000 users on Twitter alone.

The spokesperson for the city’s police department released a statement about the incident, saying that the snake was rescued and brought to local vets for treatment.

The police ended up holding traffic for 30 minutes.

The police confirmed that the snake did not bite anyone or cause any damage along with severe inconvenience.

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