Dog Ends Up Looking Like Spaceman After Getting Head Stuck In Garden Lamp

A dog owner shared adorable images on Twitter recently showing the moment their adorable pet looking like a spaceman.

Jeb Banner, a dog owner, shared an adorable picture of his pet dog after she got herself into an unfortunate spot.

Banner, who is from Indiana, USA, shared the picture of Mila, his pet dog, on Twitter with the caption:

So this happened last night. Wind blew it off a lamp post in the backyard. Dog got curious and then got it stuck on her head.  I spotted her out my window and couldn’t believe my eyes at first. She was perfectly still. Just waiting for take off.

The tweet of Banner went viral right away, gathering over 120,000 likes and more than 20,000 retweets.

The thing is, people did not stop there.

While sharing their thoughts on the unusual and adorable looking picture, thousands of people from all over the world decided to edit the picture of the dog and share it on Twitter.

Here are some of the most hilarious pictures and comments that were made on the post:

In another tweet, Banner revealed that they successfully removed the lamp from Mila.

He said:

Yes, she was fine, took a little pulling but it came off and it was too tight around her neck to cut off oxygen. She seemed perfectly fine once it was off.

What are your thoughts on the dog looking like a spaceman? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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