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Dog Meat Festival Where Thousands Of Animals Were Tortured And Killed Ends In China

A dog meat festival that lasts for 10 days has ended in CHina China.

The festival is known to result in the death of thousands of dogs, who undergo horrifying torture methods before they are cooked. 

Thousands of visitors gather in the city of Yulin for the 10 day long festival.

Vendors in the city will sell slaughtered puppies, who are kept in horrifying conditions.

Images of the festival show puppies being grilled and dogs being kept to be killed. 

The thing is, animals in this festival are sometimes stolen pet dogs or are dogs that were bred in captivity.

Also, the government of Canada is coming up with new laws right now to prohibit the wildlife trade in the country in order to protect pets.

Also, campaigners are hoping that this year is going to be the last time the festival will be ever held. 

According to a report by DailyStar, activists were able to intercept 68 dogs en route to the festival.

The activists had to confiscate the dogs themselves after local authorities did not want to get involved in the situation.

The festival usually starts from June 21 and ends on June 30. 

On an average, around 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are killed each year during the festival.

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