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Elderly Woman Wins $4 Million In Lottery After Buying 2 Tickets With Same Number

A 64-year-old woman from Florida, USA, won $ million in lottery after she bought 2 tickets with the same number on the same day.

Susan Fitton, the lottery winner, bought 2 tickets for the September 14 draw for the Florida’s Mega Millions Lottery.

Her winning numbers are 4, 13, 19, 63, and 64 for both tickets.

If she matched all 6 numbers, she could have won $34 million, and with the extra ticket, she could have won around $68 million.

According to a news release from the Florida Lottery, her tickets both matched all the 5 numbers of the white ball numbers.

The sad part though is that she did not match the Mega Ball.

Susan also used an add-on called the “Megaplier”, which doubled her winnings.

Florida Lottery communications manager Meredyth Hope Norman explained to the Miami Herald:

The Megaplier number for the Sept. 14 drawing was 2, which doubled Fitton’s prize from $1 million to $2 million. But she bought two tickets with the same numbers, so that became $4 million.

Prip Mart, the Boca Raton store where Susan bought her 2 tickets for the equivalent of £13, also collected a $10,000 bonus commission for selling them.

The Florida Lottery also stated in a news release that since the multistate Mega Millions game started in 2013.

The lottery game has generated over $761 million for education in the state and has awarded over $772 million in prizes.

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